Tips for Basement Water Issues

If you want to remodel the basement, it is imperative that you take the time to ensure that it is free of damage that could dwindle you basement remodel first. A remodeled basement is a great basement but things can get off to a bad start if you are not careful. Far too many homeowners have learned the hard way and you do not want to be on this list.

Water issues cause concern for many people when they’re ready to remodel. It is a good idea to call a professional to inspect the basement to find any water issues that might exist. Additionally, you can also:

·    Make sure you have gutters on the home to wash rainwater away from the house. But, don’t stop there. The gutters must be clean to protect the home, so make sure they’re free of sludge, leaves, and other grime so you are fully protected before basement remodeling parker starts.

·    Make sure there is a minimum 2″ gap between the soil of the home and the foundation. This will reduce many foundation moisture/water issues.

·    Watch out for shrubbery, trees, and plants that are too close to the basement. If these things are there already, hire a landscaper to relocate them. If not, be mindful of this when planting.

·    Repair any existing problems with cracks or the concrete in the foundation. This prevents water seepage and a variety of other problems.

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·    Waterproof the walls.

·    Install a sump pump and leave many worries behind.

Water issues in the basement are common for many homeowners but you can fight back against the problems and make sure they do not ruin your basement or any of your plans.  Use the information above to ensure that water issues do not ruin your basement remodeling plans.