Tree surgery: Yes, it’s real

That is the definition of an arborist, a tree surgeon. Arborists focus on the care of individual trees and plants, much like how a doctor focuses on every individual patient. An arborist in Sandy Springs wants to make sure the tree is healthy, thriving, and isn’t in any danger.

They are often seen near power wires, trimming the trees and ensuring that they don’t come into contact with one another. Arborists prune, plant, and monitor the trees for any signs of sickness or rot while attempting to keep the balance between the tree and the local ecosystem.

More than just trimming

Arborists can also monitor the tree for parasites, ward off any animals who are destroying the tree through grazing, and removing any plants around it that could be dangerous to the tree’s long-term health. Interestingly, they also can induce grazing on the tree if the tree is getting to be too big for the land to support it.

Arborists also need to do the least amount of damage to the tree when they work, as excess pruning can seriously stunt the tree’s growth and trimming too many leaves prevents it from getting enough food. Arborists are properly and uniquely trained to cut and trim a tree while also ensuring it can still grow.

Acting as lawyers too

We’ve all heard that moment where two neighbors argue about a tree that’s “halfway in my yard and halfway in mine” or a tree branch obstructing someone’s view. Arborists are often the ones called in to settle such a dispute and examine the tree before making a judgment and settling the debate.

They might not be well known as a career application, but they are super important to the world’s trees, and without them, we might not have as many as we do today.

An arborist in Sandy Springs